Terms and conditions for the use of e-commerce site www.eFreeCommerce.com

The contract outlines the terms and conditions (term and conditions) applicable to the use of the services offered within the site www.eFreeCommerce.com ("eFreeCommerce.com" or the site). Any legal company or person involved in business activities can be subject of these regulations if they are willing to accept and respect these terms and conditions. They will be called "Users" for the purpose of the contract henceforth.



1. Legal capacity
All services are available in the www.eFreeCommerce.com site to the users who have legal capacity to develop business activities. Those who register their respective companies must be legally able to recruit on the name of their companies, and their respective entities are liable for the terms of this agreement.

2. The www.eFreeCommerce.com site registration
To use the services of the site, it is necessary to fill out the registration form in all fields marked as mandatory. The data must be accurate and verifiable. efreeCommerce.com can use various means to identify at any time their users, but it is not responsible in any case for the reliable and truthful of the business personal data entered (typed) by the users. Users are responsible in any situation for the validity and accuracy of the personal and corporate data that they enter.

The user will access his own corporate account by entering his username and password. It is the user’s responsibility to keep the confidentiality of his password.

Each user must have a single account. If a user is the owner of two or more companies or he is legally authorized to register more than one company, he must open an account for each company, and therefore must have an account for every company with a different username and password.

The user is responsible for all operations which are carried out within his account since he/she only knows the username and password and which he/she should not share with anyone. The user agrees to notify immediately to eFreeCommerce.com of any unauthorized use of his account, as well as the entry of unauthorized parties to it. The transfer or sell of the account is not allowed.

eFreeCommerce.com reserves, in all cases, the right to reject any application for registration or cancel a registration previously accepted, without having to communicate or explain the reasons for his decision and these actions do not imply any right in compensation or restitution for the registered company.

eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right, if necessary, to request a voucher and/or additional data in case of checking the reliability of the company data, as well as to suspend temporarily or permanently those users whose data could not be verified. In case of disqualification, all the items and offers will be removed without generating any compensation.

3. Amendments to the agreement
eFreeCommerce.com may amend terms and conditions at any time, publishing in the modified terms site. All the amendments will take effect within the 15 (fifteen) days of publication. If the user does not communicate by e-mail clicking on the indicated place the approval of the changes during the 7 (seven) days after published, then the site deems automatically that the user has already accepted the new terms and conditions and the contract will go on binding both parties.

If the user does not accept the new terms and conditions, then the contract will be considered dissolved and the user will be disqualified.

4. Goods and/or Services Publications. Prohibited items.
For publishing goods and/or services the user must register his company according to the correspondent economic category and from there offers the goods and/or services.

eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right to place the user in the appropriate economic category. In case of a company that has been registered in a wrong category by mistake or omission, eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right to warn it or not the changes of categories.

The goods and/or services publications may include descriptive text, pictures and other contents that the user deems appropriate if they do not violate any regulation of this agreement.

In all cases the user declares the intention and the right to sell the goods that he offers or the acts on the owner behalf, and he has them available for delivering.

Prohibited items. Only those items and services which sells are not prohibited by the law of each respective user’s country are allowed to be included in the products or services list.

eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right to remove those items that are banned by the law.

5. The Privacy of the Information.
To use the services offered by eFreeCommerce.com, the users must provide certain personal and business data. Their personal and corporate information are processed and stored on computers that maintain high standards of safety and security. This information is not shared with anyone. However, eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right to send by emails advertisements bought by others advertisers.
In the email account, with eFreeCommerce.com extension, which will given to each user at a rate of one per account, the site can place banners with advertises and/or send advertising mails and other information that it considers properly.

6. Users’ Duties

Buyer users’ duties
The buyer user shall have the legal capacity to purchase or buy the products and/or the services which are being sold by others.
The buyer user must respect the prices and terms that the seller user sent, or reject them if he considers pertinent.

eFreeCommerce.com is a meeting point between buyers and sellers of the business market and is not involved in the transaction that take place between them. It is the user buyer responsibility for all duties and fees that apply for the purchases of its article, without attributing eFreeCommerce.com any sort of responsible in case of failure in this regard.

Seller users’ duties
The seller user must have legal capacity to sell the products and/or services of his bid.
The seller user must respond quickly to the quotation requests sent by the buyer user and should respect the buyer’s decision to buy or not.

eFreeCommeance.com is a meeting point between buyers and sellers of the business market and is not involved in the transactions that take place between them. It is the user seller responsibility for all duties and fees that apply for the selling of its articles, without imputing eFreeCommerce.com with any sort of responsibility in case of failure in this regard.

7. Prohibitions.
It is totally prohibited the use of the business chat rooms in the site for exchanging irrelevant information that is not concerning the theme of the room or annoying other users.

The user must communicate to the site, about users who violate this prohibition.

It is prohibited the publication of articles in the site that violate the laws of the country where the user is located.

It is forbidden the use of the blog of the site to issue opinions that denote any kind of discrimination about race, religion, political, or sexual preferences, and so on.

eFreeCommerce.com reserves the right to remove to those users who violate these prohibitions.

8. System and Database of eFreeCommerce.com violations.
It is totally prohibited the use of devices, software or other means to interfere with the activity of eFreeCommerce.com. This includes eFreeCommerce.com accounts and databases. Any intruder, who violates or interferes with eFreeCommerce.com activities, is responsible for the appropriates legal action in accordance with the law and will be obliged to compensate the damage that he provokes to eFreeCommerce.com

9. Penalties and suspension of operations.
Regardless of the possible implementation of other measures, eFreeCommerce.com will warn and/or suspend temporarily or permanently the user’s account in the following cases:

If the users violates any law of the country where is located, or any provision of the terms and conditions of eFreeCommerce.com

2. If the user does not pay the fees to the site timely.

3. If the site can not verify the identity of the user or if the information provided by the user is wrong.

4. If, in the opinion of eFreeCommerce.com, the user incurs in fraudulent conduct or affects the operation of the site.

5. If eFreeCommerce.com finds out that the publications or other actions of the user may cause liability to the user who published them, to eFreeCommerce.com, to others users or third parties.

10. Responsibility.
FreeCommerce.com is a site designed to connect users who want to buy and sell products and/or services using the Internet as a platform, but in any case it is not the owner of any products or services offered or purchased, neither possesses or sells them in committee, not even responsible for the quality, quantity, legitimacy of the products and/or services offered or sold by users of the site, nor responsible for the delivery of them. eFreeCopmmerce.com is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data entered by the users or if the users have the legal capacity to contract the services of eFreeCommerce.com

11. Failure in the system
In case of any failure in the system, eFreeCommerce.com is not responsible for the damage to the users or third parties.

eFreeCommerce.com is not also responsible for the damage that the users suffer from the consequence of their actions in the site.

12. Fees
For entering your company information in eFreeCommerce.com, the user will be charged with an annual fee that will be published in the site. This fee can be changed without any previous notification.

The fees for banner publications or other services could be published or not.

13. Intellectual Property
The software, databases, archives and even networks, that allow users to perform operations in the site, are the property of eFreeCommerce.com and are protected by international treaties on copyright. This may not be reproduced in whole or any part without previous written authorization by eFreeCommerce.com.

The site may have links to other web sites in the world which does not mean, that they are operated by eFreeCommerce.com, so eFreeCommerce.com is not liable for the damages suffered by the users and/or third parties when using of these sites or the things that are published in them.

14. Awards
The user will indemnify eFreeCommerce.com if as a result of his operation on the site, eFreeCommerce.com suffers some sort of demand from other users or third parties, including those related to cover attorneys fees that eFreeCommerce.com must pay as a result of such claims.

15. Jurisdiction and laws
This agreement shall be governed at all points by the laws of the United Mexican States and any dispute shall be subjected to applicable laws and courts of the country.

eFreeCommerce.com can apply claims and counterclaims to the users in courts of the country where the user is located. So these Terms and Conditions are also applicable in any other country.

16. Home
It is set the home of eFreeCommerce.com:

Ave. Fray Servando 762. A-1.
Colonia Jardin Balbuena.
Delegación Venustiano Carranza.
CP. 15900.
México D.F.