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You can advertise for FREE, without registration in one easy step:
- Vacancies.
- Business Premises for sale or rent.
- Projects Raising Funds.
- Transports Vehicles for sale.
- Office Equipments for sale.

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How does work?
We connect users and providers from all over the world according to the economic sector and location.
How can I enter my company into
1- Enter your company and products and/or services data into the site in the section "My Company" and "My Products and/or Services".
2- Active your account just for 2.00 USD for a whole year of presence on the site.
What are the benefits by entering my company on
You will be in a site where thousands of people visit every day to search for products and/or services. Entering in this site, the buyers can see their products and/or services and eventually send to you the quotation requests once the search at is done. You can advertise for free, without registration your vacancies as well as business premises for sale or rent, and carry on searches of the same.
How to do a search?
1- In the home page, mark your company location. If you are registered you do not need to indicate your location.
2- Do a search and will get a list of providers instantly from the nearest to the furthest from you.
3- From the result of your search select those products and/or services through our system and then send to the providers a quotation request or contact them by fax or telephone.
How can I add favorites companies and the benefits they can bring to me?
Once you have seen the result of the search, mark those companies that you consider favorites, and in this way you can contact them any time you need without a previous search.
How could I get my statistics and the advantages of it?
In the section "My Statistics" you could see how many times your company has been visited as result of a search, and how many times it has been seen in details, how many quotation requests have been received, how many have been sent, which products or services of your company have been seen as result of a search, how many have been seen in details and which of those products from your company have been the most included in the requests you have received.
What are the advantages of participating in the Business Chat?
You will have the opportunity to participate in one of the 32 chat rooms available, according to the economic sector in which you develop and your commercial interests . The attendance in those rooms allows you to exchange experience with others entrepreneurs from the same sector and even establish business relationship with many of them.