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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I add my company to and how much it costs?
On the menu "My Settings" just on "My Company" option, you will have access to the page that your company could be added. After you have entered all your data, click the "Next" button, you will be sent to a page where you must make payment of 2.00 USD to have a presence for one year on our site. The payment can do it through a deposit into an account or through PayPal. If you do not make payment, your information will not be published and you will lose the opportunity to be seen by tens of thousands of companies around the world.

2) What are the benefits of being added to the site
You will be added to the site in which thousands of companies search for products and services. Being added to the site permit the buyers to see your products and/or services, and eventually they might send you the Quotation Request once the search has been done by themselves.

3) How could a search be done?
Mark on the home page which is the location of your company. (If you are a register user you do not have to indicate your location. Do a search for a specific product or service and you will have instantly a list of providers from the nearest to the farthest from you. When getting the results of the search choose simply the products or services you want, and clicking on the "Make Request" button, then you will have a window with the option to write a personalized message for the providers. (If you are a register user you will have to fill out the Request with your data. Finally, clicking on the "Send" button a Quotation Request will be sent to the providers. If what you want is to contact a company, then you could send a message to the company, clicking on the "Contact" button that appears in every listed company. You can contact directly to the providers by fax or telephone.

4) Who could do a search?
Anyone can do it (even if you are a user or not of the site) and ask for a Quotation Request.

5) How could I buy a banner and how much I should pay?
We have 4 types of banners and any of them must be purchased by at least two months. To buy a banner you should send an email to in which the name and email of the company, the type of banner and for how long should be written. Attach the banner in the email with the right configure ready to be published (below it is explained the different types of banners). The staff of will issue your banner and contact you for the payment. You will have 48 hrs to pay or the banner will be removed.

Types of banners:
They could be images of formats. Jpg. Gif. Png and optionally you can specify the link which will be open in a new page by clicking on the banner. Besides, and fulfilling the dimensions, your banner could be done in flash with the extension .swf.
- 120x600 pixel 50.00 USD per month
- 468x60 pixel 40.00 USD per month
- 680x50 pixel 50.00 USD per month
- 250x70 pixel 25.00 USD per month

NOTICE: reserves the right to reject images or text with sexual content or religious, gender discrimination, sexual preferences or political that affect third parties.

6) How could I add favorites companies and what they are good for?
Once you have seen the result of a search, you will see in each company the link "Add to Favorite". Clicking on it you can add any company to the favorites immediately. In this way you could contact them at any time later without previous search.

7) How could I see my statistics and what they are good for?
On the section "My Statistics" you could see how many times your company have been seen as the result of a search, how many times it has been seen in details, how many quotation requests have been received, how many quotation requests have been sent, which products or services on your own company have been seen as result of the searches, which of these products or services have been seen in details and which products or services of your company have been the most included in the quotation requests that have been sent to you.

8) In what sense is good for me to participate in the business chat?
In the business chat you could participate in one of the 32 chat rooms available according to the economic sectors in which you develop and your commercial interests. The participation in those chat rooms allows you exchange experience with other companies from the same sector, or even establish new business relationship with many of them.

9) Can I have access to the email of the provider?
No, will never reveal, share or sell with another the email of the provider. To contact a provider via email you have to send a quotation request or a contact message.

10)What should I do if my language is not Spanish or either English?
If you are in a country in which Spanish or English is not spoken it is highly recommended to do it in English, just in case of lack of skills in English the automatic translator Google can help. It can be found in this url We recommend the places of locations be written in English.